dickinsons real deal

The most recent Dickinsons Real Deal opened on the December 15, 2009

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To view the details click on the 'Dickinson’s Real Deal Competition' post below.

The Dickinsons Real Deal prizes, questions, answers and entry details are available here on TV Competitions. Win thousands of pounds of prizes!

Dickinson’s Real Deal Competition

Dickinson’s Real Deal Competition – 15th December 2009 Prize today is £5000. You had to answer the question from today’s show. TvCompetitions.net recommends answer B) Closing date for online entries is 21st December 2009 at 5pm. Phone 0901 293 7766 Text A B or C to 63337 Up to 5 entries per phone number & lines close 9.30am tomorrow. http://www.itv.com/lifestyle/realdeal/comp/default.html Dickinson’s Book on Sale Now