Dickinson’s Real Deal Competition

Last Updated: February 1st, 2016 (New Comp!)

There is currently one open Real Deal Competition available to enter. This competition has reverted back to it’s weekly competition rather than the previous daily competitions and it aired on ITV on Monday the 1st February 2016. The Dickinson’s Real Deal prize from the 1st February 2016, is for a huge £18,000 in cash.

All competitions previous to the latest one have now expired and are no longer available to enter. If you’ve entered and wish to know if you’re a winner, you can check out the Real Deal competition winner section in the detail below!

Competition 1

When does this competition air on TV?

Dickinson's Real Deal Competition

Real Deal Competition

The Dickinson’s Real Deal TV programme is shown on TV either from 2pm until 3pm on weekdays or from 3pm until 4pm on weekdays, depending on their other daytime schedules. This programme is on our screens for around 4 months of the year, so there are plenty of competitions and opportunities available. The actual competition portion of the programme with all of the details (i.e. prize, question, entry details) is shown just before the ads. If you ever miss it, you could catch it on the +1 channel or even find it on the ITV Player, which is an on-demand service from ITV where you can play their shows at any time you wish (but they’re usually available for only a limited period). You need to visit the ITV Player webpage at ITV.com, look for the Dickinson’s Real Deal show by either doing a manual search for ‘Real Deal’ via the entry field (there is a magnifying glass image near it), you can also use their A to Z list to find the show. The only issue with this option is that, to watch the programme and get access to the competition bit, you’ll have to register (enter your details and email etc) and watch a couple of ads before having access to it. However, you may have already signed up to the ITV Player, in which case, happy days!

Are there any more prize details?

The Real Deal competition is always a cash prize competition, we have never see prizes that contain things such as holidays, cars, gadgets, trips away or vouchers etc. When they have a daily competition their prizes tend to be smaller and are based on the sale price of one of the auctions on the show.

So, what is the best (and cheapest) way to enter?

We assume you’re here because you like to enter competitions, so you can’t have failed to notice that ITV no longer have the free online entry routes. As usual, you can enter by phone (usually an 09 number), enter by text or enter by post. The phone and text entries tend to cost around £1.50, but this can be higher if there is a larger prize on offer and may be more if you’re using your mobile phone. For the price of a 2nd class stamp and a plain postcard you can enter the competition for much less than £1.50! If you have a look around, and we like to buy our stamps and postcards from Ebay, you can save as much as 70% on the usual text/phone entry cost! There are some who think that the text/phone entries are more likely to result in a win, but we’ve never seen any evidence of this.

How do I take part?

Competition Prizes

Competition Prizes

There is always a question to answer with the Real Deal show, so you must provide the answer and you also must provide your name and telephone number on the envelope or postcard. You can enter upto 37 times via the postal method. Please make sure that you put the right number on your entry as this will be how they contact the winner! Also, it is important that you don’t put multiple entries on the same postcard or envelope, as this will make your whole entry null and void.

Deal Deal Competition from the 1st February 2016

This competition, for £18,000 in cash, closes for text and phone entries on the 6th February 2016 at 9.30am and closes for postal entries on the 11th February 2016 at 5pm. There is no question to answer. If you are using a 2nd class stamp, we recommend that you send your entry in right away. To enter by phone call 0904 16 19 222 and to enter via sms text WIN to 88323. To enter by post you need to send your name and telephone number to DRD 0672, PO Box 7558, Derby, DE1 0NQ..

Who are the Real Deal Competition winners?

If you have taken a chance and entered one of their competitions and want to see if a winner has been picked, you can find the competition winners on the ITV.com website. What you need to do is search for itv.com competition winners and click on the first listing. All of the shows are listed with their previous competitions and details on who has won and what they have won. You never know, you may have missed a call and be on the winners list!

What are my chances of winning?

There’s no doubting that entering a competition is a game of chance and, chances are, that you won’t win. But, having said that, the prizes have got to go to someone so you never know (unless everyone gets their easy questions wrong)! The fact is that you are much more likely to win a competition like this than you are to win a similar size prize on the National Lottery or the Football Pools! We know of people who have won these prizes, so it does happen. The Real Deal viewing figures have been below 1 million historically and only a minority of them will enter the competitions, so we’re going to continue to take that chance!

Other terms and conditions

As usual, all competition entrants must be at least 18 years old and is open to UK, Channel Islands and Isle of Man residents. Other terms and conditions are available via the ITV.com website.

Do you have other Competitions to enter?

As you may have seen elsewhere on our webiste, We have other free online entry competitions for you to enter with all sorts of prizes! Have a look at our free entry prizes today. Otherwise, there are other TV competitions available from other ITV shows such as Good Morning Britain, This Morning, Loose Women and The X-Factor and other TV competitions from Channel 4, Channel 5 and Sky.

Dickinson’s Real Deal Video – Our Pick

Here is our pick of various Real Deal videos from across YouTube. The episode they never wanted you to see. The dealers try a new strategy to get what they want!

What previous prizes were available?

Here’s more details of the previous competition prizes, it’ll give you a great view as to what to expect in their future comps. As you’ll see, when there are daily competitions, the prize amount increases every day during the week, with a nice bumper prize amount on the Friday!

  • £22,000 in cash (Weekly)
  • £3,500 in cash (Monday)
  • £3,975 in cash (Monday)
  • £8,000 in cash (Wednesday)
  • £4,070 in cash (Tuesday)
  • £3,090 in cash (Monday)
  • £28,000 in cash (Weekly)

Other Interesting Information

Like with all of the mainstay ITV shows, The Real Deal competitions have been going for a long time. The daily prizes usually range from £2,000 upto £10,000 and the weelky prizes usually range from £10,000 up to £30,000!

We’ve been bringing you the competition details for Dickinson’s Real Deal for nearly 6 years now and have nearly 1,000 competitions so far worth millions of pounds! If you are a lucky winner of one of these 1,000, then please let us know via our Facebook page. Good luck with all your future entries and happy comping.