£24,000 Cowboy Builders – Wednesday 14th January 2015

Cowboy Builders Competition

The Cowboy Builders competition ends in:

What Is The Prize?

Here’s a brand new Channel 5 competition for you and it’s bigger than some of the ITV ones, let’s hope they start offering free ones eventually too! With Channel 5’s Cowboy Builders competition you could have the chance to win £24,000 in cash! It’s a fantastic amount of cash, so get entering now.

How Can I See The Brand New House For 5k Competition?

The Cowboy Builders show was on Wednesday, Channel 5 at 7pm. Dominic Littlewood and Gabrielle Blackman come to the rescue of more families whose homes and lives have been devastated by incompetent contractors. In the first episode, Dom heads to Milton Keynes to catch up with the Snows, who the programme helped back in 2012 after they were left with an unfinished, uninsulated and unsafe mess after their builders walked away from a conversion job. Dom finds out what difference the team’s help made to their lives, and discovers that the cowboy firm has since been the subject of a major police investigation.

What's The Answer and When Does It Close?

With this week’s Cowboy Builders competition there is no question to answer and the competition closes for postal entries on the 19th March 2015.

How Can I Enter For Free?

You can’t enter for free online, but you can post your name and number to: BUILDERS 2,
PO Box 7557, Derby, DE1 0NP.

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